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Many Free-lance writers, Marketing Analyst, Startup CEO, Bloggers, and marketing company agency take part in this website and share their article with our audience.

Notable Authors

Roy Using



Roy Osing is a former President, Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of a major Telecom company TELUS in Canada.
Over his 30-plus year career He successfully built and led many businesses ranging from start-ups to intensively competitive internet enterprises to mature regulated monopolies.
He is the Author of the “BE DiFFERENT or be dead” Book Series which presents his career learning’s on how to create organizations that stand-out from their competition and are cherished by their customers.

He is actively “spreading his word” through his content marketing, blog, keynote speaking, workshops, mentoring, coaching and advising small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organizations.
He is one of 50 leadership experts in Canada invited as a contributing columnist for the Globe and Mail Careers Leadership Lab Series.

In addition, he writes monthly columns for a number of media channels on a range of subjects including marketing, sales, customer service, workplace culture, career development and innovation.

Raul Harman



Raul is an Aussie tech enthusiast, professional copywriter, app junkie and an innovative entrepreneurship major.    Raul Harman became an active member of NGOs and communities that promote entrepreneurship towards creating a sustainable social environment.

His main areas of interests are researching and highlighting opportunities for businesses and not-for-profit organizations to make use of innovation and creativity towards realizing their goals.

You can contact him via email, follow him on Twitter, or visit his pet project Technivorz.



Manjesh shetty is Part-time Tech Blogger and founder of GOPCSOFT Tech Blog and an open source contributor and FOSS enthusiast. He is an active contributor towards Mozilla Mission and an Active Regional Coordinator of Mozilla.His writing focus has been revolving around Hacking, Techie Tutorials, SEO, computer security. who considers himself more of a blogger than a student. Aside from work & studies he enjoys spending time in watching Anime and DC Series.

He is currently Pursuing his  Engineering in Sahyadri Engineering College, Mangalore.

Area of Interest

  • Blogging
  • Penetration testing
  • Learning New Things from the Internet
  • Web Design
  • SEO

You can connect him via :    Google+   |   LinkedIn   | Quora



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