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9 Best Touch Typing Tips That Work

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It is crucial that every student and professional know how to touch type. Almost no one accepts handwritten work anymore and if your typing speed is slow, you might find yourself struggling. A lot of schools are offering typing lessons, but with the increase in computer usage, those are falling away. You don’t have to go for a typing class to know how to type these days. Even if you do know how to type, there are ways you can increase the speed level.

At first, you might believe that you are going to be stuck at that speed, but it is possible to do better. We can now convert handwriting to Word, but that is only for the event of you needing to take quick notes. It is still important to have the ability to type at a high speed. You can take notes in class with your laptop if you were able to keep up with what is being said. This eliminates you having to go home to retype all of your notes. Here are the best tips you can use to increase your typing speed.

1. Test yourself

If you want to figure out if your typing speed has increased, you need to put yourself to the test. Take an online test to see how fast you type. These are usually free of charge. This way, if you apply some of these tips, you will be able to know if there is an improvement.

2. Take your time

You are not going to improve your typing skills in a one-hour session. Be sure to take it easy and to be patient with yourself. A lot of people give up to quickly or expect results to fast. If you stick to the basic skills, you will improve.

3. Practice

Nothing works better than practicing your skills. No matter what hacks you apply, you are only going to improve by not giving up. Even when you are doing all the tests for a month and you only see a slight improvement, keep going. At the end of the day, even a professional typist had to start at a slow speed.

4. Eliminate bad habits

We all have some habits that are holding us back. Perhaps you only use three fingers on the one hand when typing. It is important to start learning the correct technique to improve. There is a reason why these rules work and we have to apply it.

5. Look at the screen

Touch typing is just a term for not looking at your keyboard while typing. You can do this by trying to type one sentence without looking. Even if you get this wrong, take note of where your mistakes are. Maybe you just have to slightly move one finger to get it right.

6. Shortcuts

When you have the ability to use shortcuts on the keyboard, everything works out better. Memorize these shortcuts to help you navigate the keyboard easily. People offering a typing service can do it so well because they know all these shortcuts by heart.

7. Use Apps

There are many apps available to test your typing ability. It will feel like you are playing a game while learning as well. Choose only one app to master before moving onto the next. We tend to overwhelm ourselves with taking on too much. Instead, just take it at your own pace.

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8. Rhythm

Take note of your rhythm while typing. We all have one and by sticking to that rhythm, you are able to not press too hard or too softly. This is important because, without a rhythm, we can double press or miss the letter completely. It takes a little time to find your own rhythm, but when it happens, you’ll notice it.

9. Hand position

Did you ever wonder why typists’ hands don’t hurt when typing? The positioning of the hands is very important if you want to become a touch typist professional. Always keep your hands close to the keyboard, not hovered higher. Limit the use of your hand and the fingers that are not in use. This gives short breaks to the parts of your hands that are not typing.

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