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7 Best EdTech Tools to Help Students Learn

7 Best EdTech Tools to Help Students Learn

Technology is slowly but surely finding its way into classrooms, which is a welcome change, because there is so much students can do with the help of the right tools. And the teachers are becoming more involved, too, because they have the option of reaching out to their students using the same platforms they are using in their free time: computers, tablets, and smartphones. With EdTech apps, learning is a much more engaging and interactive process, and their quality and versatily is only going to get better. We have created a list of 7 best EdTech tools you can use to help you study and improve your learning process.

List of Best EduTech Tools

  1. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a fusion of two different items: a cardboard viewer, which is a low-cost solution created by Google, where you insert your smartphone, and an accompanying app which is designed to provide a wide variety of virtual reality presentations. Google allows you to download concerts, games, and even tours of some of the most popular tourist and cultural sights. You can benefit by visiting landmarks, museums, concert halls, nature, or archaeological digs. This sort of virtual experience will leave a more lasting impact on you, which is something you wouldn’t receive simply reading about a particular topic in one of your textbooks.

  1. Formative

Formative is an incredible app which literally allows teachers to keep an eye on your entire class at the same time and get a better insight into how you think as students. Using the platform, you will be able to take tests by your teacher, quiz, or an assessment. While they are solving problems, teachers can monitor the responses of each student in real time. They can even provide real-time feedback and guide each and every one of you through the test in case you get stuck. The app also allows teachers to set up a system of automatic grading in case the test contains multiple choice questions.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

Instead of using Google which, while powerful, will provide you with a bunch of useless sources, you and your class can use Wolfram Alpha when looking for answers online. It is a unique computational search engine that is capable of calculating complex math problems and providing factual answers to your questions, instead of providing you with a list of websites containing the phrase or word you have entered, which is the case with standard search engines. It is especially useful if you are studying math, physics, biology, and other natural sciences.

  1. Edmodo

Edmodo provides a social platform where teachers, students, and even parents, can connect and take part in the learning process. As a student, you will be able to receive homework assignments online, take tests, and share studying pointers, among other things. You can ask questions and collaborate with other students, while parents will be able to monitor your progress and get in touch with teachers in case there are any problems. And unlike any other social media platform, Edmodo is safe and suitable for all ages.

  1. Write About

Developing your writing skills is very important, especially for those among you which will continue to pursue a college degree. With Write About, you can choose between a vast variety of writing topics, which are paired up with inspiring images, write, and share your work publicly, or with the rest of the class. Teachers can leave constructive feedback in the shape of written comments, audio commentary, and annotations. Students can also collaborate and leave comments on each others posts.

  1. SeeSaw

The concept of a digital classroom is becoming more popular, and if you want to try it out with the rest of your class, SeeSaw is probably the best platform for it. It is very intuitive and easy to use, especially because its user interface is similar to that of a Facebook page. You can posts text, images, and videos, or any sort of work you create. On the other hand, teachers are alerted every time one of their students published a posts. In essense, students can collaborate with each other, share, communicate with their teachers, as well as their parents.

  1. Educreations

Educreations allows you to create videos and share them with the rest of your classmates. Encourage your teacher to use it, because they will be able to post explanations, guides, and video tutorials, as well as provide direct feedback to them. And because video is such an easily digestible form, you will be able to pay more attention and replay them later, which is something you wouldn’t be able to do with traditional lectures. This way, you can go back and improve upon problematic areas.

Thanks to these useful and powerful apps, you will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits modern technology has to offer, and improve you studying habits in the process. Encourage both your classmates and your teachers to start using these tools today!

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