5 ways to make your home smarter

5 ways to make your home smarter

A lot of our home devices are becoming smart with an internet connection. Almost every age group, be it kids or the elderly are hooked to various smart devices available in a house. While the dream of a smart home wherein everything will be magically done with a touch of a button or voice control is still a long way to go, even the most mundane home devices will soon be able to make your life easy. Smart appliances like Smart Lock, Smart fans, Security devices aims to improve our lives making us work smart and not hard. Here are the five ways that can help you make your home “smart.”

Home Automation

Home automation is almost like stepping into the future. It is a voice-enabled speaker that connects you to a virtual assistant and allows its users to set timers, alarms, calculate and so on. Simply ask any question to the assistant, and you will get an answer immediately. It can listen to your commands from across rooms to give you a comfortable lifestyle.

A smart home device can play music, and you can voice command to control tracks, play, pause, or increase or lower the volume. You can connect the device to online music streaming application to pick albums and play songs. This is made possible thanks to the microphones present on the system to block all other noises except your voice. You can connect other smart devices with the home automation device to make your home even smarter.

Smart Lock

A smart lock is a Bluetooth enabled device that allows access into a house with the help of smart key fob. You can even track the arrival time of a guest through certain codes. This proves useful for house guests or friends that may come to your house to water your plants or do some chores. Most electronic smart locks come with an accelerometer and built-in video camera that will help you keep a track on anyone entering the house or if anyone tries to tamper with it. Through a certain set of sensors, you will be notified about the tampering on your smartphone.

Smart Appliances

A smart thermostat is a good representation of what the Internet of things (IoT) should be able to do. It is a good-looking, easy-to-use thermostat that can adjust itself to your preferred temperature automatically and it can be controlled easily by phone or any other smart device. Once you set the device, you don’t need to interact with the device again. It is a simple device that works well and can easily replace a conventional heating controller or thermostat.

One more example of a smart appliance is a smart refrigerator that comes with a touchscreen which lets you view the inside of the fridge without even opening the door. It also has features such as creating a shopping list, ordering groceries, streaming music via Spotify, and browsing recipes.

Smart Surveillance Cameras

A wireless smart surveillance camera is a great device that helps your home become a smart and secure home. The difficulty with the Internet of Things (IoT) is that it can often become difficult to get various devices connected with each other. A smart camera works by solving this issue by being adaptable and connecting to all your devices such as a smartphone or tablet over a common communication setup such as WIFI or the Internet.

A smart camera comes with motion sensors and monitored system security with alarms and notifications. This can be incredibly useful if you have a senior or child in the house you want to know is safe while you are away.  At the tap of a button, your smart camera lets you see the real-time footage of what is happening in the house.

Smart Lighting System

Your home can be a smart home with a smart lighting system. The conventional way is to replace the switches, or use smart plugs to switch the power on or off. But with smart bulbs, the lighting of the room can be changed, dipped, or react to different occasions. The lights can automatically switch on when you open the door of a room. All you need to do is replace the old bulbs with smart bulb and control it with your smartphone. You do not require any electrician or coding skills to use the bulbs.

The IOT (Internet of Things) is still developing, but with the right equipment, one can make home appliances work efficiently to carry out the daily routines. With a smart home, you can dim the lights, turn up the heat, and play the music, everything with voice command or touch of a screen. Once you start using the smart home devices, you may wonder how were you living without them.

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