5 Ways Technology Changes Content Creation Process

It is impossible to talk about writing today without factoring in technology.  As a matter of fact, it’s every writer’s wish to partake in the creative art with the help of some of the most cutting-edge inventions in modern times. From Applications downloadable to Smartphones, Mac books and desktop PCs to those whose functionalities are best experienced when used as Plug-ins for websites, technology continues to shape the future of writing.

What is your creative niche and how will it be affected?

Notably, technology in content creation cuts across a number of things. From the graphic composition of websites to social media content management, it is impactful. Novelists and bloggers have cut their own space out of the whole.  But it doesn’t end here. We live in a world of information plethora and without a doubt; writers should buckle up for even more mind-boggling possibilities. There is set to be lots more explosive ideas that will grace the world of writers even this year and it is conceivably true that those who have made the most out of existing ones are more prepared for new ones, at least to be part of the inventive revolution.  It is also notable that many ways in which technology is transforming writers circle are not just felt at the individual level.  Agency level content creation is worth mentioning. Content writing with Assignmentgeek; where a lot in terms of technological approaches in publishing, best illustrates this.

Specifics of Technology on content creation process

This post lays emphasis on impacts of technology on the writing process. Think about publishing space, journalistic enterprise, blogosphere and many others.  In each case, there are implicit as well as explicit ways through which content creators make the most of inventions in churning stories that readers and marketers always fall in love with. The best blogging tools are therefore what everyone needs to go for. And before taking a look at some of the most significant changes in this area, it is noteworthy that those who have embraced the same are usually in a better position to craft what meets readers expectations.

  • Content optimization for different devices based on user behavior

Today, Google Ads feature right on your phone, most of which are based on big data analysis.  Content creation and marketing tailored to user behavior is undoubtedly set to grow into something big.  If you open your Music App for instance, right there and then you will see ads that feature similar suggestions. Sometimes, if it is a word processor App you are using; you will see something like an ad on Evernote, a digital diary, and planner.Others will be asking you to download a new App and subscribe to daily news bits.

  • AI in content curation and publishing

There quite a number of Apps that have been tested in the journalistic enterprise and the results have been impressive in as far as content curation and publication using bots and the advanced algorithm is concerned.  And according to this post on contently.com, these advanced techniques are set to replace real humans in doing most of the groundwork such as writing when instructed to do so.

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  • News and Virtual Reality

This is a high profile one. With a lot already taking place in as far as playing games and watching movies using products of Virtual Reality technology, you can, without a doubt expect the same to spill over into content creation and sharing processes. A VR tool such as Oculus used in storytelling has set the ground for future inventions of Apps with even more exciting functionalities such as news broadcast features that determine user behaviors through their devices.

  • Disappearing content

This is a rather interesting bit and statistics of Smartphone Apps that let users create and share ephemeral such as video and photo statuses is now a phenomenal sensation.  The thought of it is even more exciting. This about instances where journalists who have crafted defamatory news content will be asked to retract a piece that has since disappeared! I bet there will be no need for retraction.

  • Publish and converse on the go

Here, you can think about WordPress and Google’s blogger App that now makes easy it create and publish content from anywhere and anytime.  These are springboards for more innovative approaches to this as well and as regards communication and information technology. Users can thus expect more intuitive, seamless and faster commenting on posts and even attractive pop-up conversation threads.  These technological prospects, if fully realized, will certainly hand bloggers may techniques of having more control over the content they create.

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In a nutshell, technology and content creation are bound for explosive possibilities, thanks to a never-ending desire to innovate and invent.  You can always look forward greater interaction and seamless communication when these changes are driven by tech-minds.


I’m content manager from San Francisco. Love writing about new technologies, marketing and self-development.

catrin cooper

I'm content manager from San Francisco. Love writing about new technologies, marketing and self-development.