5 Best Travelling Apps that Can Make Your Travelling Easier and More Fun

5 Best Traveling Apps for Android and IOS

This is an age of apps, you will agree. Be it for shopping, health advice, style tips, beauty tips, cooking recipes, or for even a daily routine, you will some or the other app. Then, why not make your trips more convenient and comfortable by using user-friendly traveling apps? There are hundreds or more traveling apps available, many for free but some paid to be used on Android and IOS.

5 Best Traveling Apps for Android and IOS

  • Kayak

A free app, Kayak is very helpful when you want to book flights, hotels, cars on rent and so on. You can also compare prices, and even manage your journey with the app. Now, the app also allows paying for hotels, flights, and even rental cars beforehand by its pre-paying service. As you can even compare prices, you can ensure that you get the best deal with the Kayak app. You can also track the status of your flight and even access airline and airport numbers.

  • Tripit

It can also be called as an organizer for your trip as with the help of Tripit, you can organize your entire trip. It uses all the travel information from the emails regarding hotel bookings, flight bookings, cars on rental, etc., and puts it all on a single schedule.

If you are a part of a group, then Tripit can be very convenient to share your traveling plans so that it is easier to coordinate with others. There was a time when people traveled with a bunch of papers but now with apps and mobile technology, it seems to have reduced. Yet, there are those who still carry some papers at least regarding reservation, etc. But with Tripit, there is no need such place as it does the compiling of all your trip-related info.

All you have to do is email all the trip-related details such as bookings, etc., and Tripit will take it from thereon so that you can enjoy a happy and pleasant trip. It will put for you a master itinerary so that you do not have to search your flooded inbox and then panic. While a free and paid version are available, with the former, you will have to see the ads but with the latter, there will be none.

  • Hopper

Just what any traveler will hope for and that is hopper app. With its exhaustive database, it is the best app for the best flight deals. The app informs users when there is a likelihood for the prices to fall and thus lets you know when you should buy a ticket. The app will also let you know if it is the right time to buy a ticket or if you should wait for some time.

There is also an option in the app where you can save your payment options so that whenever the price falls, the ticket can be booked right away. This app is best for those who have the flexibility option regarding dates as whenever it is cheap to fly, you are ready for your tour. It is a free app.

  • Google Translate

Whenever you are in a foreign country, the first thing that stumbles is the language barrier. Of course, you won’t be able to learn the language of all the countries you travel to but there are times when you see a sign or a name, and you do not what it says and you wish there was someone with you to translate it for you. Well, your prayers have been answered with this amazing app called as Google Translate, an absolutely necessary and brilliant companion away on a foreign land.

All you have to do is either type the word or phrase the meaning of which you wish to know and the app will translate that for you. You can even use the speaking option in the app. By using the Google Translate, you have the option of 52 languages via text and 23 languages via speaking. You can even convert short sentences into the language you wish. Now, visual translation feature to has been added which means you can click any signage and then ask the app to translate its meaning.

  • CityMap2Go

This is a perfect app for avid travelers. All you have to do is feed all complete lists of places you wish to visit and the app will make it available in the course of your trip. Another advantage is that you can view it offline as well. It will also let you know which two locations are nearby, so that can go for a combined visit. CityMap2Go is an absolutely amazing app not only to make your trip more worthwhile but it is also a great and quick way to learn about the city. It is a paid app.

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Make use of these splendid apps and ensure that you have a hassle-free and convenient trip. Organize your trip, pay the lesser fare, visit all the places you want to and more, the traveling apps can be a great help to you from deciding what to visit when to go for it, how to pack, how to roam about and more. A virtual assistant for you so that you are never left out!

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