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4 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of a Used Car

An optimal performance and more lifespan are two major concerns of individuals buying used cars. What many do not know is that even a car bought from junkyard cars for sale or online auto auctions could have a decent performance and life, provided it is maintained in the right way. In this blog post, we share four simple ways that could help owners in increasing the performance and life of a used car bought from free car auctions. Take a look.

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1. Fluid Maintenance

Dirty engine oil can impact the metal components and accumulate sludge deposits in the engine, so it is imperative to change oils regularly. The transmission fluid, however, needs less maintenance than engine oil. It is advisable to change the transmission fluid if it is causing solenoid problems, shift flares, and other problems. When required, change the brake fluid too. If the brake fluid is unable to absorb moisture, it might damage the brakes of the car.

2. Timely Repairs

Timely repairs are necessary to maintain your vehicle. If you notice engine oil leakage or hear engine noise, get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid a hefty expense in future. In addition, have timely drivetrain repairs, as drivetrain failure can put you in a difficult situation on road. Replace tires, brakes, hoses, and belts regularly, as delay in these repair jobs could cost you more at a later stage.

3. Handling Minor Damage

Repair minor damages at regular intervals to extend the life of your car. If metal body parts of your car have scratches, it is advisable to use touch up paint to prevent them from premature rust. To maintain the car, you can fix rust holes or minor rust on your own or get it done by a professional.

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4. Regular Cleaning

Proper cleaning and detailing are a must to prevent the car from rust and corrosion. Make sure that you also remove grime and wash the car regularly. In addition, wash the undercarriage too and try to remove maximum buildup from the undercarriage. Moisture in carpets may lead to rust and corrosion on floorboards underneath the car. To avoid this, use good quality doormats and shampoo them frequently to protect the vehicle from any damage.


Apart from the above-listed ways, you can also look for auto workshops that offer maintenance plans for vehicles. This way, you will be less worried about the timely checkup and maintenance of the car. Another factor to consider is to perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle when buying it from online auto auctions so that you are aware of the problems under the hood and come up with a way to minimize the repair expense.

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