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4 Modding Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Your Daily-Driven Pickup Trucks

4 Modding Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Your Daily-Driven Pickup Trucks

The pickup truck culture has evolved from the time when they were used as work vehicles. Today, these vehicles are used as a luxurious all-family vehicle with a good passenger capacity. The beasts offer immense power on-road and off-road and can satisfy most hauling needs. Many buyers buy driveable salvage trucks for sale available at online salvage trucks auctions and make modifications to various parts of the pickup for better performance. The blog lists some of the modding mistakes that can affect the performance of your pickup.

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Big Wheels or Off-Road Tires

Big wheels use up too much of the horsepower, and ultimately affect your truck’s performance. Truck owners need to stick with a fairly prominent tire to support the huge weight of the pickup. Owners need to avoid massive cleated rubber tires. Such aggressive tires can only make a powerful statement but are neither suited for all three of the dry, wet and snowy pavement conditions.

Bed Caps

Adding bed caps to your pickup truck can limit its cargo-carrying capability, as you won’t be able to use the pickup to haul moderate sized equipment. Bed caps can prove to be counter-productive in the case of a pickup truck. If you need to carry cargo in an enclosed space, a closed cargo-carrier such as an SUV will suit your needs, rather than modify your pickup truck with a cap over the bed.

Straight-Pipe Exhaust

One of the most common and popular vehicle performance add-ons owners make to their salvage trucks is a straight-pipe exhaust system. Removing the catalytic converter and muffler removes the back pressure and allows pollutants and gas mix to escape through the exhaust pipe, causing a lower power curve on your engine from the escaping gases, and can reduce horsepower and fuel economy on some modern pickups.

Huge lifts

Huge suspension lifts can raise the center of gravity for the pickup very high, which makes it unsuitable for both on-road and off-road use. A huge lift can also put immense pressure on the driveline components, and add to the weight of the vehicle, which can suck horsepower generated by the engine.


If you are planning to make some modifications to your pickup truck, this post will give you an idea about the things you need to avoid. If you are a daily driver, you can make better modifications to your salvage truck such as bed liner, tailgate protector, bed extender and other decent modding. If you are looking to buy a pickup truck for your hauling needs, you can find a salvage truck for sale in a good working condition at online salvage trucks auction.

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