4 best tools to create high-quality visual content

A picture is worth a thousand words no matter where you place it on a website. A high-quality visual content created with software does the same thing. It can compel your visitors to stay longer on your page which will help to increase dwell-time.

A myriad of tools you can use to create quality and attractive visual contents are available. But you must make the right selection of tools that can give you the desired quality. If you are a beginner blogger or content marketer, the following visual content creation tools can make a lot of difference in your content creation or marketing strategy.

  1. Canva

A visual content has to be compelling and high quality to stand out. Most writers think they have to be creative to design stunning graphics. The interesting thing about visual content creation tools like Canva is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer or possess exceptional graphics skills. Canva is a tool that is so simple, fast and free it’s free to use.

Another thing that makes Canva a wise choice for those interested in creating eye-popping visual content is the features it possesses. Canva has tons of features and top-notch templates you can use to make a lasting impressing in your content marketing strategy or blog.

Canvas also offers numerous options based on the kind of visual you plan to create which entails social media images, presentation, Podcast cover or social media covers. Again, once you finish creating your visuals, Canva makes sharing on the various social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook, easy.

  1. Photoshop Express

If you are looking for a visual tool with a number of professional-grade features, then Photoshop Express is a perfect match. This tool is a freebie from Adobe and has everything beginners need to create stunning visual contents.

As earlier said the Photoshop Express is like Photoshop but is free and has fewer features than the full or paid version. But it still offers some of the powerful features the full version offers. Again, what makes this tool a bit different from Canva is that there is no marketplace for you to find stock images or designer templates. But despite that, it is still a great visual tool.

  1. Gimp

Most people prefer working offline, and there are visual creation apps that make it possible. Gimp is probably one of them. It’s a free visual content creation app you can download and use offline. Interestingly, this tool also has tons of features that most professional graphic designers utilize on daily basis, and works on any operating system.

Gimp has been around for a while, so it’s easy to find tips and tutorials on how to use it. With those tips, beginners won’t have many challenges exploring the great features of this tool to create compelling visual materials.

  1. Over

We lead a fast-paced life and are always on the go. So it’s great to have a tool one can use to create visual contents while in transit. Over is one of those applications you can use to create compelling visual contents on the go, and people who don’t have much time to sit behind a computer to create graphic materials. In fact, individuals in the hospitality business with more tasks to manage needs tools like Over. One can easily post eye-popping graphics on various social media platforms about an event taking place on his property which could serve as a reminder to guests and generate leads for the business.

This mobile tool is still incredible even though it does not have features that can match that of Canva and other freebie software. You can use it to edit and add texts onto photos with ease. In addition, the Over also has tons of stock photos that Pro users can access and use for creating a design of their choice.


Creating quality visual content can make your marketing strategy successful. It will make it easier for your audience to understanding the content of your article just by looking at the visuals alone. It will also increase dwell-time, which many online marketers and bloggers believe is a great SEO and ranking factor. Visuals will make your website and blog more appealing too.


I’m content manager from San Francisco. Love writing about new technologies, marketing and self-development.

catrin cooper

I'm content manager from San Francisco. Love writing about new technologies, marketing and self-development.